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Embroidery is an elegant, durable and prestigious form of decorating and marking of clothes and other textiles. Application of embroidery creates a whole new thing, not only personalizing, but also highlighting. The advantages of embroidery is mainly durability and attractive appearance. Furthermore, embroidery long looks like new, in contrast to printing, embroidery not crack, crumbling after washing, there is also no wiping or fading even with frequent washing or ironing.
We use professional software. We embroider using thread and materials of renowned companies from the country and foreign countries.

Orders are being executed even from 1 art.

Price list of embroidery

Pricing contains approximate prices of embroideries, every order is being evaluated individually after sending pattern and quantity of embroideries.

Number of pieces per design 1-4 5 - 20 - 50 - 100 - 250 -
Net price per 1000 stitches 1,90 PLN 1,50 PLN 1,20 PLN 1 PLN 0,90 PLN 0,70 PLN


The price of embroidery affect two elements:

  1. preparation, adaptation of the project. This is a one-time cost of the creating the project in the computer software, necessary for implementation of the relevant stitches. Price ranges from 0 to 80 PLN net depending on the complexity of the project and workload.
    In the case of a larger orders we can create the project free of charge, subject to arrangements.

  2. execution of the service embroidery. Price depends on the size of embroidery, number of stitches, composition, implementation techniques, material (thickness, hair, stretchability, hardness).

Maximum embroidery area is approx. 30 cm, we have a 7-needle machine.

For embroidering we use projects in popular formats of graphic files Corel Draw extension CDR files, Adobe Illustrator extension: Ai (fonts converted to curves) and also files with other extensions, such as eps, tiff, bmp, psd, pdf, jpg, gif - it is important to avoid small font. Format 1:1.

To evaluate/order embroidery, please send your query with attached description and / or project file to the office address. Preparing evaluation takes 1-2 business days.

Request should include:

  1. graphic design in good quality,
  2. scope of embroidery,
  3. amount of pieces per design,
  4. product / material, on which embroidery is supposed to be made.

We proceed to perform the contract after accepting the final project and price.

Delivery time: depends on the workload and used materials. It can last from 1-10 days.

Methods of payment: prepayment (based on proforma invoice or arrangements and email valuation), in the case of consecutive orders there is possibility of invoice with a deferred payment.

Form of shipping, receiving:
We are sending orders using the services of the Polish Post (cost approx. 17 PLN for a standard size and weight of the package). On the area of Szczecin free delivery. Proof of purchase is included in the package. For issuing an invoice please to give NIP or tax identification (companies), shipping address and telephone number.

Some of the logos shown on this site is property of other companies, they serve only as an example.

In case of continuation of the order we are granting discounts. We are inviting!

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