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Children's blankets - NEW

Fluffy children's blanket for children with embroidered name of the child and bow

We offer fluffy, soft children's blanket with dimensions 90x120 cm. On the blanket it is embroidered recommended baby's name (on contrasting velour approx. 15 cm heart, butterfly or star) and with sewn red bow. We offer 5 colors of the banket: white, cream, pistachio, blue and light pink. Colour of embroidered application need to be negotiated.

The fabric is polyester with a weight of 280 g / m2, is double-sided, durable in operation, does not discolour, do not lose hair, does not require ironing and it is certified "Trustworthy Textiles" Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
We sew blankets also in other dimensions, in various colours, with or without the application of embroidery. We encourage you to submit queries.
Cost of the fluffy blanket with a selected embroidery it is gross 35 PLN.

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Velour quilt with embroidery "Teddy Bear"

We also offer made-to-order summer quilt (thick blanket) with dimensions of 90x120 cm. It is made from a soft, satin velour with the silicone contribution. Children quilt is warm, quilted, double-sided, with embroidery "Teddy Bear", with a heart in the version for a girl and with a bow in the version for the boy. Usually there is name of the child embroidered, but it is possible to embroider any other string (metric, a group of nurseries, birthday, baptism, etc.). We have 30 colours of the velour (colours available in the "Embroidered textiles cosmetic").

Cost of the quilt with embroidery it is gross 59 PLN.


We are also sewing the frotte or velour blankets with silicone contribution in other dimensions, in various colors, with or without embroidery. Standard rug size is 100x180cm. We encourage you to submit queries.

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Cosmetic covers

Sample projects embroidery on textiles cosmetic. More information.

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We make embroidery on towels ordered from our offer or entrusted. We propose embroideries (logo, monogram, inscription according to your idea) on hotel towels as well as single, small projects eg. for a gift, to the kindergarten, school, work.

We provide smooth towels up to embroidery with a basis weight of 400 and 500, permanent color in the wash, soft, absorbent, cotton pendant 6 cm. They are available in 30 colours in both weights to choose. Material: 100% cotton. They are meeting the standards of PN-EN 14697:2007 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - "Trustworthy Textiles".


Check the colors of towels for embroidery.

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Our Workshop also performs stripes. An idean will be enough, and we will create right emblem to any clothes, a backpack, a bag for shoes, uniform, hat, kimono or namebadge. There is no minimum quantity, we realize even small orders. They can be embroidered badges, embroidered in one piece or partly on the selected fabric. On request impersonating them also with the Velcro.


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Laboratory proposes embroidery on all kinds of clothing (Polartecs, T-shirts, work clothes, aprons). Just upload a logo or inscription, and we will make the project and prepare a valuation. There are no quantitative restrictions, we accept even the smallest orders.


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Balls of light, lampshades

Example of projects. More information.

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