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We are creating lampshades with the attention to detail. Each pattern is being selected into the room as a complementary element of space or giving a special expression - the accent focusing attention. Well drawn up lampshade is integrated into its surroundings, and after lighting the lamp reveal it's magic. We understand the affection to the lampshade, however over time it loses its advantages. Some can not be possible to replace, therefore we propose to renew, restore the former brilliance. The cost of the renovation of the lampshade depends on the complexity of the order and is being established individually for every lampshade. Lampshades are made to order, a Customer determines type, fabric and dimension.

There is a possibility of selection lampshade, the Workshop is in cooperation with the Polish manufacturer of lighting. Models and price list of lamps are available after agreeing on the needs.


Workshop offers the range of products for special occasions and as the special decorative or functional element. In this section you will find balls of light, colourful diaries with the monogram, embroidered everyday articles for the home and as the special gift.

Balls of light: Check the details - the colors of the balls

We are also making impressive light decorations, cotton balls modeled on the popular cotton ball lights. In stock we have 24 colors. You can compose chains of balls according to your wishes. When choosing colors should pay attention to the permeability of lights by chenille ball. Eg. composing garlands of dark spheres (black, plum, chocolate, or dark green) can cause, that there will be no expected effect. Dark balls should be only an accent in the whole chain, then will we achieve a balance between the color and illumination of lights. Garlands built from pastel tones and white or cream broken with vivid colour are enjoying the great popularity - with a predominance of bright colors of chain balls. Inspiration is much like the taste, individual perception of colors or the adaptation to a specific room. In the gallery we present some compositions.
It is also important not to expose the cotton balls on moisture. They are made with a transparent, odorless water glue. Contact with water or steam can cause soften and lose their shape. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the possibility of composition.
We offer several popular colors: from purples through the pink, shades of green, blue, browns, oranges, creams, whites and grays. They are installed on the LED lamps giving the white or colored light, powered by 2 batteries (which are not included) so you do not mind unnecessary wiring and do not need to be close to power. The diameter of the 1 ball is approx. 7 cm. Available types of chains is 20 (about 3m) and 40 light balls (about 6m).

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